Make The Switch To A Tankless Water Heater

Ultra Plumbing & Drain cleaning, Inc. is your ONE-STOP shop for tankless water heater installation. We furnish and install all types and brands of tankless water heaters both gas and electric. We also can install your unit if you prefer to furnish your own. No need to worry about the pipes, fittings or adapters. We can take care of all that. We just need your unit specifications.

If you currently have a conventional water heater installed, we will be happy to drain it and remove it for you prior to installing your new tankless unit.

Have Questions About Tankless Water Heaters? Give us a call or text today at (239) 203-7047. We’re happy to help!

Gas Or Electric?

Whether you need natural gas, propane or electric, we can take care of the entire installation process. We’re fully licensed to install all types of gas connections and we can coordinate any and all needed electrical connections, wiring and circuit breaker additions for you. No need for you to call all over town trying to coordinate your installation. We can take care of it all.

Have A Unit In Mind?

We recommend Rheem or Sio Green brand tankless water heaters but if you have a different unit you would like installed we are happy to take a look at the specifications and provide a quote to install the unit of your choice.

If you’re ready to make the switch to tankless or maybe just have your current tankless replaced, give us a call or text today to get a FREE estimate and set up an appointment at (239) 203-7047.